What Goes On

Okay – so I have this other fancy website, with clips from my movies and photographs I’ve taken and laudatory statements about my work. It’s a pretty cool website; I’m happy with it. But I also wanted to have a page where I update you all – the six or seven people who are curious – about what I’m doing work-wise. (Hello mom!)

So, I’ll do my best to keep you, The Curious or The Vested, up-to-date on the goings-on.

Right now, I’m editing a new promotional short documentary I directed and co-produced for the incredible Boston Preparatory Charter Public School. The school takes kids from all over Boston, enrolls them in the 6th grade and says “you are going to college.” It’s open to the whole city, but the students are mostly minorities and poor, and begin two or three grade levels behind.Within a year, most students catch up to grade level.

Four years ago, we filmed the school to make a promotional documentary (see it at SharatRaju.com) just as they were starting their first students in the Eighth Grade. We returned in May to film their first ever graduation. All of them were accepted into a four-year college.

Graduation was incredible. And some of the best footage I’ve had the privilege of shooting (with the great Matthew Blute and Don Presley).  I’m editing the final cut right now.


Also this week Worker Drone will screen this Sunday October 23, 2011 at the Orlando Film Festival! If you’re in the area, check it out – our second film festival!


And finally, we’re in the throes of serious pre-production for our second year film at the Yale Visual Law Project. Our incredible team of Yale Law students are conducting pre-interviews, doing extensive research, and brainstorming on story and visual elements for our film. We’re hopefully going to shoot something in a few weeks with a handful of new toys thanks to our expanded budget after a sucessful year one.

More updates to come!


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