Overlapping Post and Prep

Right now, I’m attempting to wrap up post production on the Boston Prep Charter Public School project while also prepping for our first small production outing for the Yale Visual Law Project shoot.

Thanks to the incredible Sanjeev Brar, we’re putting together a really great 7-minute score for Boston Prep. The man works fast, at a professional level, and, for now, cheap. See Sanjeev’s previous work with sound on Worker Drone (including sound effects!) and the VLP’s first year films, as well as music on a spec commercial I shot (click to the Challenge Everything clip).

Meanwhile – we’re also getting ready to shoot this weekend a handful of interviews and some b-roll. Complete with a handful of new equipment courtesy of the VLP – wide angle adapters, a sound kit, etc.

Anyway, should be fun and a good way to dip our toes into shooting this project. More serious production will happen later with a more professional camera person who is not me.

Updates and links to videos when we’re all good and done.

Oh – also I have a new title: Visiting Fellow at the Information Society Project at Yale Law School. Sounds serious, right?


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