P2 Crash, No One Hurt

Yesterday’s shoot went really well in terms of execution, lighting, photography – all of that went without a hitch, more or less.

The one big problem was that the camera’s computer system crashed, badly, in the middle of the second-to-last interview. Not to get too technical, but Panasonic’s P2 card recording system that allows us to film in HD suddenly decided to stop working. By a stroke of luck and surprising foresight, I had packed some mini-DV tapes as a backup. So we were able to film the remaining two interviews in Standard Definition. Not ideal but better than nothing.

So, major crisis averted but still – gah. Our great HVX200 camera, only 4 years old, will have to go the the doctor for the second time. Terrible.

But we got some great interviews and our Visual Law Project Year 2 film is underway!

Equipment returns tomorrow.


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