We watched dailies several days after our shoot when we had our Visual Law weekly meeting. It was refreshing to see that it was completely in focus and actually lit quite well, if I do say so myself.

That’s what was preoccupying me in preparing to shoot and on the day itself: Will I light this sucker correctly. Stuff looked fine, had some good contrast, nothing egregious even when I was unable to prevent the backlight from from being softer on a bald interviewee’s head. All things considered, despite the camera malfunction, things went pretty well.

Now it’s full steam ahead. Today we had a meeting with the Connecticut Dept. of Corrections – oh we’re making a film related to the prison system, more details to come – and it was positive. Anyway, the story is still taking shape so when we have it more clearly figured out I’ll be less coy about sharing it with you, two or three readers.

Tomorrow, we buy an editing system. Let the slaughter begin!


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