Final week of Sharat in New Haven (until December)

We wrapped up our weekend Visual Law Project shoot with some great stuff, but there was a very strange episode along the way.

Our Friday shoot in New Haven was great with one of our interviewees having to reschedule for Saturday morning because he had a job interview. Cool, no problem, right? We cancelled (unfortunately, it turns out) our morning interview to accommodate him – a 7:30am start at his place. Which would’ve been great because we would be in his house as opposed to his friend’s house the day before.

Well, for some reason, the man did not answer his phone or his door when we arrived at his place. We waited for nearly two hours before we decide to give up on it. We sent our esteemed cameraman Joe Friedman to film b-roll and wound up with a great, heart-wrenching afternoon interview with someone who might be the main subject of the film.

So yeah, a usual day of documentary film production.

This week, lots to do* – dailies tomorrow, a shoot on Wednesday, building an editing system, figuring out how to record an incoming phone call and preparing to go back to LA for meetings and shadowing on an NBC show – details to come!

*Not to mention perhaps my last easy chance to go to the Yale-Harvard game this Saturday. Might as well make use of my time in the Ivy League, right?


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