Two Camera Roundtable Shoot

For our Visual Law Project film, we shot a roundtable discussion with a psychiatrist who works in the Connecticut prison system and is part of the “best practices” committee in charge of improving how the system operates. It was pretty challenging and perhaps not the most artistic of stuff I’ve ever shot, but the content was great. One of our previous interviewees, who has a son in prison right now, was there so it might be a good tie in when we go to edit.

We had two cameras – one behemoth Panasonic HPX370 that I operated and the other our own HVX200. It’s a massive camera that’s one full step up from our HVX and has a very good lens, so it was pretty fun to use. But it was too heavy for our monopod so it kept sinking imperceptibly until I steadied it with my arms, thereby defeating the purpose of a monopod. It became a tad grueling. Also we had to mic about four people between two cameras and no dedicated sound person among us.

Anyway, it’s all about content so we have some great footage with questionable camerawork by yours truly. The idea was to make it feel “live” so hopefully we accomplished that.

So that wraps up all the stuff I have to shoot here before I leave for my two weeks back in Los Angeles, shadowing the great Michael Listo on NBC’s “Harry’s Law” – it’s going to be a lot of fun!


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