Los Angeles Recap

So I had an incredibly productive week in LA, as well as a string of things to get done as soon as I got back to New Haven.

First, LA was complete with several interviews with executives at NBC, Warner Bros., ABC, a handful of producers (including at “Grimm” and “Desperate Housewives“), collaborators and friends. As well as shadowing Mike Listo on “Harry’s Law.” It was really a lot of fun. Hung out with the cast on the last night of production of the week and went to a terrible/famous karaoke bar.

A fringe benefit of going around town and seeing friends who work in the industry is that I had a nice little studio tour. Spent most of my time at Warner Bros and walked past the old old sound stages, some that were built in 1927. They list what movies and TV were shot there (not all – only “notable” ones). Also saw Conan O’Brien walk past – they shoot his show there. He is a tall, tall fella and parks in a spot that says “Theodore Roosevelt.”

Also went to Universal Studios (where NBC is) on two occasions, and on both times I stopped by to see friends on the lot including one who works at Dreamworks. Dreamworks and Steven Spielberg‘s Amblin Entertainment are both on a separate part of the lot with its on security. It was awesome, I saw Mr. Spielberg’s bungalow office from a distance, and three Oscars up close in the lobby of the building.

Went to CBS Radford, which is a small, TV-centered lot where “Seinfeld” was shot, and visited a writer/executive producer friend. All the famous TV Westerns from the 1950s and ’60s were shot there. I spent about a month at Radford back when I was an ABC Directing Fellow a few years back, shadowing “Greek” and “Samantha Who?” 

So I also swung by ABC which is only just office buildings across from the Disney offices, which doesn’t have anything that actively films there.

It was a hoot! All of this is glorified job interviewing. But since it’s the movies (or TV), it’s to me just a lot of fun.

Then I got back and had to get caught up with the on-goings of the Visual Law Project. What a great team we’ve got – they just filmed a ton of incredible interviews while I was gone. We’ll have to start putting it together ASAP. More on that to come.