Back in Production

Boy I’ve been really bad at keeping this thing up, haven’t I?

Well here’s a quick update on this and the previous week which has gotten quite busy.

Last week we started actually doing some early editing for the Visual Law Project Year Two documentary I have been talking about. All the interviews and footage squarely separated out in our shiny new Final Cut Pro 10 (FCP X) system (a product which I loathe, but has some redeeming qualities in it as demonstrated to me by Yale’s terrific Lee Faulkner, video production and tech guru). Also go to talk to friend and animation powerhouse Joey Jones of Shadedbox about possible animation and infographic work for the doc.

This week, we’re back interviewing folks for the film, including today’s with the head of the the Connecticut prison system, hiring the great Joe Friedman as our DP.

Tomorrow, another interview including a guy taking us to the neighborhood where he was shot at age 14 (!). Friday in New York for one interview, a demonstration on documentary production at the RebLaw Conference here at Yale on Saturday, and then it’s full post-production mode.

I’ll get consistent again, I swear!


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