Wrapping up Production

We spent last week with a handful of really terrific interviews and production on the Visual Law Project film. We filmed:

  1. The head of the Connecticut Department of Corrections, interviewing him about their so-called “supermax” prison and the system at large;
  2. A reverend who works to eliminate US-sponsored torture in prisons domestically and abroad;
  3. A psychiatrist who worked with inmates in the Connecticut prison system;
  4. A former inmate who we interviewed before, who walked us through the housing projects where he was shot at age 14;
  5. In New York, an architect who designs prisons and buildings for the justice system.

Really incredible footage, shot mostly by our go to guy Joe Freidman as well as myself for #5 and B-Camera work. We’re starting to edit and create the story in earnest right now. Lots of great stuff, just have to figure out how to put it together now – which is the fun part or course.

More from the editing front in the days to come!


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