Nine Years and Still Going Strong

Today, at Yale, the Department of Justice is hosting a screening of my AFI Thesis film American Made. It’s astounding how long that film has been seen and used – nine years ago I was starting to edit the film, and it’s still being seen by people after that long. It aired for four years on PBS’ “Independent Lens” and was seen by about 2 million people.

So I’m about to go walk down the street and see it at the school. Will report back later.

Last week, we spent an entire day interviewing a former inmate for the Visual Law Project film. It included shooting him rapping and with his daughter. H was so incredibly charming and fun with a big smile. Amazing for a man who spent about three years in a supermax prison. We were also locked out of his house for a good long time, but all in all one of these interviews that may change our approach to making the film. Editing continues tomorrow!


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