Starting to Come Together

Dispatch from the editing cave: The Visual Law Project film is coming together sequence by sequence in Final Cut Pro X. We’ve sifted through all the footage and have a good grasp on everything. We even got a second system up on a laptop that I’m going to take with me when I hit the road next week so I can edit from Chicago.

Also, we devised a way to record incoming phone calls for possibly doing phone interviews with people who are currently in prison.

Oh, and in other news, my most recent film Worker Drone will screen in Sydney, Australia, in May at INPUT 2012 – an international conference of independent television producers. It’s really great, I went there in 2007 with my first film American Made in Lugano, Switzerland. It’s going to be fun showing WD there, especially because it’ll be my first time in Australia! Knock another continent off the list.

Back to the cave!


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