Still Shooting

So we thought we’d be totally wrapped up filming interviews and other stuff for the Visual Law Project Year 2 Film. But alas, no. Yesterday, we had a two final (?) interviews lined up within a three day period only to have both of them fall through within a two hour window.

The first of which happened two days early, which was okay but the interviewee has some life problems that need sorting out (he’s the one mentioned in the previous post). The other interview was a drive along I was filming from the backseat with one of our VLP team members. The interviewee became uncomfortable with having us around (not because of anything we were doing specifically) so she cut the trip short and promised to allow us to follow her in a few days.

So… back to the editing room with what we have. We hit a point in the film where we had to carefully strategize how best to shape it going forward. Which means I have about two days to cut together a little short film. I should be able to, we’ll see how it goes later today and the weekend.

Oh, and there’s this: Worker Drone was selected to be a U.S. representative to INPUT 2012 in Sydney – an international conference and film festivals of sorts for public television producers around the world. It’s a pretty cool event, I went there in 2007 with American Made. More on that to come – trip is in May.

Back to the machine!


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