Editing and Shooting

When we left off last week, we had two interviews fall through in the Visual Law Project Year 2 Film within a few hours of each other.  One of which was going to be possibly structurally important to our film, storywise.

Well the good news is that we’re going to be able to shoot that interview after all this Saturday. The bad news is – I guess there is none. We just have a lot of editing and shaping to do in not a lot of time. The end of the school year looms and we’re supposed to have a rough cut by then. We most likely will, but it’s a lot thinking and doing that needs to happen. Meeting about the film tonight with the team.

Meanwhile, I’m applying to this TV fellowship thing and it requires letters from people in the film industry. Which, hey, isn’t the worst thing but does require pestering people. Which I hate doing.

Back to the Editing Cave.


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