On Saturday, we were able to wrangle the final two interviews for the Visual Law Project Year 2 film. We followed one mother as she drove to see her son in prison, and then we drove over to Hartford and interviewed the previously mentioned recently released inmate with our cinematographer Joe Friedman and his Sony FS100. It was a good long day of shooting.

For the mother, we conducted her interviews “on the fly” in her car, with Valarie filming from the front seat and me in the back. It was nice and intimate and I think the interview was easier to do in some ways because of it. The former inmate was a more traditional sit-down interview with his large, extended family all around. We caught some slice of life with him and his family so it was nice. He also rapped and sang for us on camera. We bought pizza for the family to keep them appeased while we used their kitchen/dining room for our interview. A small price to pay for intruding on their lives for the evening.

At dinner after we wrapped, I explained to some of the team that the final shot of a production day is known as the “martini shot.” So, this, perhaps being our last shot of the documentary, was the martini shot of the entire production. In fact, the mother was actually among the first two or three interviews we ever did, starting way back in October. Nearly half a year later, she became one of our final interviews for the film. It seemed right.

And now we sprint to incorporate these interviews and action into the film. We return to the edit cave tomorrow!



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