Second Martini

Looks like we can’t get enough. My previous post was a little premature, because this Saturday we’re doing one final shoot most likely. It’s a meeting that will feature a few of our main “characters” in the Visual Law Project Year 2 documentary. We’re not supposed to film inside, but we’re hoping to catch some of them outside or milling around together. Essentially B-Roll but perhaps also a question if we can for each person.

Other than that, we’re still cutting away at this here film. And it looks like I’ll be staying another year in New Haven so right now scheming to make a film here while I’m a resident.

Taking a slight detour now and shifting to editing a teaser trailer for the film and to help recruit students for next year. Hopefully I can pull this off in the next couple of days – got some inspiration from seeing old trailers and some new ones too. Gotta get crackin’.


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