Right Back Where I Started From

The above is a line from the song “California” if you didn’t already know. It’s also apropos – I’m in Los Angeles, where I lived for 10 years before I moved last year to New Haven to help run the Visual Law Project. So I’m back where I started from, roping together a wedding, a few film related meetings, and visits with relatives.

Yesterday, I met with a couple of my fellow collaborators Marcus Cano and Don Presley, as well as some other friends and fellow filmmakers, to discuss how to raise money to shoot our feature The Infected in early 2013.

There’s something nice about setting a date and aiming for that. Deadlines, it’s the only way things get done, it seems.

We also stopped by University of Southern California‘s incredible (and second best in the world to my alma mater) film school. Totally rebuilt since I last went – the place looks and feels like production suites at Universal or Warner Bros. It’s incredible. The equipment is probably better than you’d find at those studios, I’m guessing.

We met with people at USC’s recently created Media Initiative for Social Change that is trying to foster and encourage filmmakers who weave messages and storylines that help advance social causes.

Spent the rest of the time meeting people about possible teaching at film schools – something I’ve been wanting to do for a little while now.

Tomorrow will have a couple more meetings about various projects. It’s great being in LA.


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