Moving In

Back now from California, and back returning to edit The Worst of The Worst. I decided that if Yale isn’t going to fix the air conditioning in our office, I’m not going to edit in the office any more.

So – I’m here in my home office with the Visual Law Project‘s computer and 4TB hard drive. This is probably the best of all scenarios – now I can wait for FCP X to stop its pinwheel of doom from spinning while in the comfort of my own home. (For the record – the pinwheel is spinning while I’m writing this.) It should limit the chances for my dog to chew up various household items and increase the amount of time I actually edit, by reducing the number of trips out for lunch as well as the travel to and from the office. Though, it is only a 10-minute walk or so.

I’m not totally sure the law school would be thrilled by my temporary relocation. But it was become unbearable in the 90-degree heat, and potentially damaging to the equipment.

I have about four more days of available time to work before I leave to South Africa to help friend and overall excellent human Jonathan Smith with his incredible documentary. So it’s back to the grindstone until then.


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