Return to Oak Creek

After I finished editing and posting the short video of our week in Milwaukee during the aftermath of the Sikh gurdwara shooting, I returned to editing The Worst of the Worst. We’ve restructured the film somewhat, so I spent most of the time just grabbing large chunks from the previous version and putting them in a new order.

I was going to continue to sprint for an August 28th deadline so we could submit to Sundance, but then tragedy struck again in Oak Creek. Another member of the same gurdwara was murdered. This time in an apparent failed robbery at his store. Valarie immediately got on a plane to be there, while I was still sprinting towards the Sundance deadline.

We tried to figure out how I could be in two places at the same time. But then I actually looked up the Sundance deadline, and discovered that there’s a later one on Sept. 17. So we decided to put The Worst of the Worst on hold and I would join Valarie in Milwaukee for the final few days she was there in our sudden return to Oak Creek. The incomparable Jonathan Smith went with her to shoot the first part of the week, and I just arrived to take the reins. Also, this week, First Lady Michelle Obama is coming to meet the families. We probably won’t be able to film it while it’s happening, but who knows – we’ll see.

Mostly what Jonathan and Valarie have been doing, and what I will be doing, is interviewing the family members of the victims. Now that there have been a couple of weeks since the shooting, families are able to talk to us a little more readily. I’ll be using Jonathan’s Canon 5D Mark II again and will hopefully be editing in the evening on our Avid MC v5.

Will report back after a few days of production there.


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