In House

So a very short update here.

This past week I only worked on a couple of things. I’m mostly supposed to be finishing up a 5-minute thing from the footage we shot in Oak Creek, but I ended up cutting a 2-minute short segment on something else. Amar at the Sikh Coalition asked us if we had footage of the Oak Creek police chief John Edwards talking about how he’s not able to categorize the murders at the August 5 gurdwara as crimes against Sikhs because that category doesn’t exist.

We shot the interview right before we left for Washington to attend the hearing about hate crimes and domestic terrorism – as spurred by the killings in August. It will probably help in convincing the FBI to update their forms and their reporting metrics for law enforcement across the US.

That was simple, so I put together something quick for that.

Yesterday (Friday), we showed our current cut of The Worst of the Worst both to our Yale faculty advisor and to one of the experts/subjects in the film who runs a clinic at the law school that’s taking on solitary confinement in the Connecticut prison system.

Both internal Yale screenings went really really well – much to our surprise. They were well received by both audiences. The first one was just one law professor while the second on was a crowd of about 10 – and people who had clients who appear in the film.

We were most concerned about the latter wanting us to change anything about their clients or to make them more sympathetic – but their suggestions and criticisms were minimal. We, as independent filmmakers, are not obligated to make any of the changes they suggest. But we’re open to them, particularly if we have anything factually incorrect.

We didn’t, and we are going to make tweaks over the next two weeks and finish this sucker.

This next week we’ll be working on the edit for the Worst of the Worst while I continue on Oak Creek.


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