Editing a Memorial

This past week I’ve been mostly working on editing a short montage-style overview of the last two months of Oak Creek and the aftermath. Taking the footage we captured in the week after the gurdwara shooting, combined with interviews of the mayor and police chief, as well as the trip to Washington DC and the hate crimes hearing, we put together an 8-minute film – or glorified recap sort of. We added some news footage to give the piece a broader context.

The idea was to make it part memorial, part recap, and part story of a community rising up from grief. I’ll post the video here next week, but we’re really happy with the way it turned out. We wanted to make sure we included the voices of each of the six victims’ families. A few weeks ago, Jonathan Smith – who went with Valarie to shoot a couple weeks ago – put together a montage on Final Cut Pro how people discovered that day what had happened.

Since I’m editing on Avid Media Composer, he sent the file to me as one long clip, which I imported and put into the sequence myself. The trick was making changes to his edited clip since I didn’t have access to his sequence/timeline. It ended up working out fine, but it’s a tricky workflow, especially for something longer.

I then added a sequence that is similar to the Groundswell video we put together in  August, but changed around and added words and images from the Oak Creek mayor and police chief.

One trick I had to figure out was how to get HD news clips into the edit. Fortunately, I had the foresight to TiVo a lot of the news coverage on August 6 – the day after the shooting – and that following week. Turns out, TiVo has a conversion software system that allows you to take your networked TiVo, select recorded clips, and convert them for play on your desktop or devices. So I did that an imported them into Avid and it works great – just a bit time consuming is all.

So we put together a pretty good sequence that we’re going to show tomorrow, Saturday Oct. 6, at the Sikh American Legal Defense and Education Fund National Gala. SALDEF and The Sikh Coalition have been on the forefront of fighting the good fight for the Sikh community for more than a decade now, and have done some amazing things. The dinner (where Valarie is also receiving an award) is in Washington tomorrow and members of the Oak Creek Sikh community will be there as well. I hope we did them and their experience justice with what we’ve put together.

Will post next week with the clip and how it all went.


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