Locking Picture

As promised, I would talk about how the screening of our Oak Creek short montage and overview of the last two months since the shooting would be received at the SALDEF Gala in Washington, DC. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned.

Our short clip was going to be shown at the Sikh civil rights organization’s annual dinner fundraiser, where families from Oak Creek would’ve been in the audience. Two days before the fundraiser, we finished the film and handed it over. The night before the gala, however, we were told by the organization that they weren’t comfortable showing the film, which included audio of the 911 call on August 5 from inside the gurdwara, in its entirety. They were going to show it after that part, and after the montage of family members talking about where they were on that day – including inside when the shooting happened.

We disagreed with their assessment and we didn’t feel right showing the film unless it was shown in its entirety – from grief and loss to rising up from tragedy in solidarity. Without showing the grief (and the voices of family members) it isn’t a complete story. We decided to not show the film at all rather than an abridged version of it.

So that was disappointing. I would post the clip here for you, my two or three readers, to assess for yourself – but we’re going to fine tune it some more and have a proper sound edit. We’re also going to try to platform it perhaps in a large way online. We’re working on that now, so stay tuned.

My attention this week shifts to finally finally locking picture on The Worst of the Worst. One year ago right about now we were prepping for our first shoot. This week, we’ve been talking with our San Francisco-based colorist, Ayumi Ashley, who saved me in the week I had to deliver Worker Drone to ITVS in April 2011.

We have a few minor tweaks and one major one coming up – specifically the ending. We’ve been toying with a few versions but we really need to nail it down now. That will hopefully be done by the end of tomorrow. Anyway, it’s all very exciting, having had our last major meeting about the edit. I’m really happy with the film and it should make everyone who worked on it – and Yale Law School – proud.

In other news (and a blatant burying of the lede): I’m a finalist for the NBC Directing Fellowship. It’s the NBC version of the ABC Fellowship I did a few years back. I’m technically a “finalist” and not a “fellow” because there are five of us and there are two shows they’re trying to put us on, so I’ll find out if I get one of them within the next couple of weeks. But either way – pretty cool, and fingers crossed for the future.


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