We locked the edit of The Worst of the Worst on Thursday and shipped a drive to our talented San Francisco-based colorist, Ayumi Ashley. She just sent stills of her work in progress, and it’s looking good so far. Apparently, we had a lot of red in our original footage, and with that toned down the skin tones look more normal. Once we get the drive back and get our final music in, it’ll be on to the sound mix with Sanjeev Brar, sound editor extraordinaire (and also brother-in-law extraordinaire).

Meanwhile, this week I’m going to take another crack at the eight-minute Oak Creek short piece we put together. The short has been slated to be shown at the Sikh Arts Film Festival in New York, but I want to tighten it and also have Sanjeev edit the sound .

And also still waiting for an update about the NBC Directing Fellowship – will post about it when I know more details. They’re sending our directing materials to two shows. We’ll hear back soon if we’re staffed on either.


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