Ten Years and Going Strong

I’m in Los Angeles, about to screen American Made at USC hosted by the Interfaith Youth Core at their Interfaith Leadership Initiative conference. About ten years ago at this time, American Made was only words on paper – I believe I was about to start casting and was trying to raise $39,000 so we could shoot on film and finish on film.

Now, ten years later, I’m back in my second hometown showing it to students who were not even in their teens when I shot the film. It’s amazing and humbling to see how long American Made has lived as a viable, enjoyable, relevant movie to watch and share all these years later.

We’re sticking around LA for a few days for meetings, including a couple of producer meetings on various projects. At the same time, I’ve sent out the short Oak Creek film to Sanjeev Brar who is hunkered down, bracing for Hurricane Sandy, and about to do us a huge favor in quickly sound editing and mixing it for us. I sent him via Dropbox an AAF of the Avid project and he is going to edit from that and send back a completed .wav file for me to sync back up to the project.

So I brought our mobile Avid system with me to LA. Hopefully Monday evening I’ll be able to sync those back up and send it out.

Then back to New Haven to sync up the color corrected video track of The Worst of the Worst and prepare for the sound mix. It’s almost almost done!


3 thoughts on “Ten Years and Going Strong

  1. American Made, changed my life. As a filmmaker, it is the epitome of my message, and as a second generation Indian woman, it is my life. I watch it often. Thank You!

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