National Shout Out

There was a solid few months this year where I was good at updating this little space for my three devoted readers. I’ve seemed to have fallen off the wagon a bit, so let me catch up a little here, chronologically.

First, and most importantly, our little Yale Visual Law Project film, The Worst of the Worst, was featured on national television. Wife/Producing partner Valarie was invited for her third appearance on MSNBC’s “Melissa Harris-Perry Show,” this time to talk about America’s prison system and specifically the subject of our film – solitary confinement and supermax.

Here’s Valarie from her hour-long appearance on the show:

It was so exciting to see that clip on TV, and coming out of the commercial break no less! The really cool part is that I was allowed to watch from the control room for the entire show, and got to see the film being cued up to play when the show returned from the break. I also got to see the telepromter text that Melissa Harris-Perry was about to read on air and to see “The Worst of the Worst” as part of it. It was awesome.

It has been amazing to witness our little Visual Law Project come so far from such a small start – just an idea we had, that Valarie pitched to the school, that I helped bring to life – that is now a legitimate producer of documentaries, validated in some small way by this appearance on a national news program.

In the meantime, I was fighting with the audio output from the unnamed nonlinear editing software of ill repute and finally was able to send some version of our audio files to Sound Mixer extraordinaire Sanjeev Brar. Just yesterday we finished the sound mix at Gramercy Post, a boutique sound studio in Manhattan where Sanjeev works. He edited all the sound, built sound effects for our few animations, and then did the final mix with us for six hours. This week I’m going to resync the finished audio to the project and output our screening copies and screeners.

December 11 at Yale we have our advanced screening for the students, faculty, and some who appear in the film. So close. So very very close.

In other news, some good people in Wisconsin are putting together a screening of Divided We Fall, American Made and our little Oak Creek short – including a screening in Oak Creek. More details on that to come, but the screening is December 12 in Oak Creek and December 13 in Racine, Wisconsin.

Valarie gave me for my birthday a present that signals the dawn of a new era – a DSLR camera that shoots full frame, 35mm sensor HD video. And it’s not the Canon 5D Mark III. We now own a Sony a-99. It’s technically a DSLT – digital single lens translucent instead of reflective – the technology is newer and I’m just learning about the difference. It’s very exciting, this camera – also can take professional XLR microphones after we purchase the adapter. It’s a beautiful camera and I’m so looking forward to using it.

Last, but not least, I’m still waiting to hear definitively about NBC’s Directing Fellowship, hopefully this week. I promise an update again before too long.


2 thoughts on “National Shout Out

  1. Hey Sharat, as one of your three followers, I thank you for the update! Glad to hear all is well, and that the projects have come together so nicely. I am excited to see them. In January, I will be starting my final year of school. I hope and plan to do some exciting things this year, and hope you will be open to checking them out from time to time….You are such an inspiration to me, keep doing what you love, it shows in your work! Let’s chat again soon.


    Ramona Ramdeen
    One of Three.

    1. You know, between my parents, my wife, and you I think we might be at four fans! Thank you for your kind words. Good luck starting your final year and definitely let me know when you have a short or anything you’d like me to see. Good luck in 2013!

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