Brief update here – I’ve been shadowing now for a couple of weeks on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit in New York and it’s been a lot of fun. There are two major differences between this show and LA productions I’ve shadowed on.

First, half of their production days are on location outside the studio. In Los Angeles, it seems the productions tend to stay on their backlots and sound stages more. Probably because the studios in LA have more real estate to play with and don’t need to go out, whereas New York is New York and why not use it.

Second, there are few times it will snow in March in LA on a day scheduled to shoot a big exterior. That happened on Friday and it was weird. But as one of the producers said, “We’re tough – we’re Law & Order” so they shot it regardless.

Will give as full a roundup as NBC permits me once this episode wraps this week.

In Worst of the Worst news – current Co-Directors of the Visual Law Project Ivy Wang and Eric Parrie were on Connecticut Public Radio talking about the film! Here’s the link – I haven’t listened yet, but I guess it’s at 38:00 minutes or so.

And finally, I’m talking with Jonathan Smith about the possibility of shooting a short film with him and my long-time cinematographer partner in crime Matt Blute for this July. More details on that later, too.


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