SVU Round Two

I’m back in New York, shadowing for my second episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Last week was a singularly terrible week for pretty much every American after the Boston Marathon bombings and strangely compelling manhunt and shootout that followed.

We found ourselves very near Boston when everything happened, en route to Maine to screen Divided We Fall at Colby College. As you, my three readers, already know, DWF is about hate crimes in the aftermath of Sept. 11, 2001. It was quite somber to show the film about a previous major terrorist activity on US soil soon on the heels of a more recent one. Valarie spent her time with students afterwards and talked about the US and citizens’ response back then, hoping that there isn’t a rise in hate crimes after Boston. (A few have been reported so far.)

We also showed the Oak Creek: In Memoriam short there, and down in Washington DC at the South Asian American Summit where Valarie also spoke on a panel. Then, in another round of TV punditry, she was invited back on the “Melissa Harris-Perry Show” so we returned to New York and Studio 3A.

So now I’m back on SVU and it’s pretty awesome. I’m shadowing the great Norberto Barba. Norberto also went to AFI back in the day and has directed about 70 episodes of television – including as a show-runner of one of my favorite shows Grimm. He’s old friends with the SVUĀ team and is back doing this, the Season 14 finale.

I also discovered today the existence of the GHoL – the “Grey Hoodie of Love.” It’s fun shadowing on a show with such a huge fan base. More to come.



There really is no need for me to post anything because I don’t have anything to update. I have been “writing.” Which means I’ve been doing a lot of other things instead of writing.

Oh don’t get me wrong – I’ve been making progress on this pilot rewrite. But much much much slower progress than I hoped. For example – I’m updating this space with nothing relevant, just to make it feel like I’m doing something productive.

So this is a short update here. I’m going on Tuesday to Maine for the first time to show Divided We Fall with Valarie at Colby College. For those of you counting, it’s been almost seven years (!) since we first showed DWF at a university. I can’t believe people are still inviting us to show the film! So I’ll update about that when we get back.

Also, in about ten days I return to New York for my second shadowing stint on “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.” (The episode I shadowed on as described in the last post, aired a few weeks early.)

Oh, and there are now pictures in my bio tab. You know – because that was important to do instead of writing. Back to the grindstone.