In my last update, I said I would be posting much more frequently because I was in prep and updating the blog would be the best way to procrastinate.

It turns out, moving out of an apartment and preparing to live out of a suitcase for two months before moving across the country is another way to procrastinate. Which is what has been happening. We’re moving back to Hollywoodland in September, after I go to India this week to direct a short film in Jonathan Smith‘s Story of a Girl series.

Speaking of which – Alan Smith, co-producer and brother of Jonathan, as well as our India producer Digvijay Purohit are hard at work looking at locations and talking to possible crew in India right now. I’m sort of monitoring things from my temporary basecamp in the greater Washington, DC area before I hope on a plane at the end of the week for Bangalore.

It’s very exciting – I just finished a new draft that addresses some concerns I had, storywise. And now I’m able to start to focus on the visualizing of the story – storyboards, overheads, visual references, total understanding of each character individually. This is going to be a new challenge – I’m going to be working with a cinematographer, casting director, and crew I’ve never worked with before and it might be in a second language, too. I have to be even more clear and better prepared than I usually am.

Not to mention the rain. Oh, there will likely be a lot of rain in Bangalore that time of year. Luckily, a very expensive trip to REI has me outfitted for monsoons. Fingers crossed.

Much of the process so far has been fun. First of all, it’s going to be produced for a very small budget – perhaps smaller than is possible, but that’s the challenge. Secondly, I’m making this film in Bangalore, where I have, easily, 150+ family members. I’ve been asking for their help in finding locations, filling small roles, and even helping me find some talent. It’s going to be a lot of fun – just like putting together a tiny independent film in your hometown using the available resources and favors you’re able to bring together. I’ve never really done it exactly like that -the Kevin Smith Clerk’s model – so I’m looking forward to doing so now.

In the meantime, I’m also helping Valarie assemble a little team to give her a hand in Oak Creek next month for the one-year memorial of the massacre, which we documented last year. One week left to pull this all together, and then I’m off, back to India for the second time this summer.


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