Well, shoot, I guess I didn’t update at all in November. Disregard the final sentence of the previous post.

Anyway, I’m in Portland, Oregon shadowing on Grimm. I have been a faithful viewer since it premiered three years ago, so it’s awesome to be observing production on a show I’ve been a fan of from the start. I’m shadowing Executive Producer-Director Norberto Barba, the same director I shadowed on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit back in May. Here in Grimm land, he runs the show and directs at least a couple episodes per season and this is the last one of the calendar year, the halfway point or so of Season 3.

So far it’s the usual prep on a TV show – scouting, casting, creative and production meetings, reading and re-reading the script. But much much colder. The crew is incredibly friendly and welcoming, as most crews are. But my sense is that because it’s Portland there is much less cynicism than your standard LA or New York-based production. People seem to be genuinely happy to be working here. So I’ll be hanging around until they finish shooting this episode in a couple of weeks. Hopefully I’ll update some more in between.


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