So 2014 is off to a pretty good start. I’ve been trying to use a time management software app to help keep me on task and making sure I don’t waste time. It’s called “Timesheet” on Android and it’s been pretty useful. It would be flawless if it was able to reach up and smack me on the back of the head whenever I procrastinate. I hope that will be an added feature in the update.

Notice how I’m using photos in posts this year? They will fluctuate between random and relevant.

So from time management to career management – I’ve added a new member to Team World Domination. Peter Meyer, long-time and successful manager and former agent is now also my manager, amazingly. It’s very exciting – Peter’s been in the industry for a long time and has some very good working clients in the business. And he takes on only a few clients, so I’m really honored he would come on board as both a manager and a mentor. Plans for world domination continue forward, unabated!

This past week, we also submitted an application for funding for the Oak Creek documentary. It’s the first of several such funding deadlines, so it was good to get one under our belt so we can use a similar format for future applications coming up.

Aside from that, spent this week re-writing a script that needs a push as well as updating a business plan for The Infected so we can hopefully get financing and make it happen.

Okay, back to writing/definitely not checking my Facebook page and Twitter feed.



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