Reading, Writing and Applying

I had been making some pretty good progress re-writing a script, but have been recently derailed – but in a good way. A funding deadline for our Oak Creek documentary has suddenly upon us, so I took a day to re-write our previous application materials and tailor it for this, Sundance‘s development fund.

This is the famous Shimla narrow gauge train we took in the mountains in northern India last summer. You decide on how relevant this is.

And then I was alerted to a new call for submissions to fund a short film. Now, I’ve made a good number of short films and don’t necessarily need to make another one. But this one is HBO, which means it will probably be well funded and a lot of fun, so I might as well give it a shot, right?

Also, it’s pilot season. Networks have ordered pilots to be picked up for series, so I have a good amount of them on my plate and I am going to try to read a bunch so at least I know what’s out there. I’m trying to get better at having my pulse on what’s going on in the industry, especially since I’m back in Hollywoodland for good. It’s important to do and yet it’s the thing I most put on the back-burner.

So that’s it – just readin’ and writin’ and applyin’ away, keeping the train going.


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