This probably applies in a lot of industries, but where you get to park is directly correlated to your rank in the film world.

This past week I had a meeting at a studio with a TV network executive. I’m incredibly grateful whenever someone wants to talk to me about my work and about future work, so I want to be clear that I’m not complaining here. I arrived at the studio and (as I was warned could happen, probably because it’s pilot season) the guest spots were taken up. So I had to go park in the large crew/staff garage a couple gates away. And then, I continued upward and upward, past reserved spots for producers, cast members, security vehicles, production vehicles, car pool vehicles, until I arrived at an available space.

All of which was perfectly fine – except that it put me a couple minutes late. (I hate being late – but I should’ve arrived a little earlier since I was warned, so that’s probably on me, not on parking.)

The meeting went well, so no issues there. And none of this bothers me at all; I didn’t give it a second thought until just now. If you buy the premise that the distance you walk to your car directly correlates to your place in the pecking order of the industry, just note that I parked on Level 5 in the secondary garage. (Hey, I’m happy to at least be allowed to park at all, to be honest.)

“Misael” from a scene in
“The Worst of the Worst.”

Okay, enough metaphor.

I’ve mostly been writing and procrastinating from writing. We did have this nice write up about our Yale Visual Law Project film, The Worst of the Worst, which is cool. It’s always nice when people say good things about your children.

Also, producer of the “Story of Girl” series Jonathan Smith wrote about it for the One Foundation, one of our big funders. (Recall I directed the Indian film in the series this past summer.)

That’s it for now. A new metaphor-laden post to come soon.


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