Nothing to See Here

I just spent a couple of minutes looking back at an old blog entry from more than a year ago. I feel like I was doing a lot more then – wrestling with an editing system, shooting footage for a doc, organizing a screening, etc. But now I’m just really doing one thing (unless procrastinating counts as a thing). I guess that’s good – sitting down in one place and actually writing. Hasn’t happened in a while. I have to make sure I keep focused before I get antsy and acquire a new dose of wanderlust.

This past week I quickly read a book for a possible adaptation job my manager brought to me. It was great, and I managed to read the entire thing in three days, putting my English Language and Literature degree to use. But it did take me away from the script I have been rewriting, so I’m going to get back into that now.

So that’s it. Back to work. Here’s a photo because why not:

View of the Taj Mahal from the Red Fort (Agra, India 2007).

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