Post Oscars Week Post

It’s post Oscars week, which means one thing of course – traffic is much better around the Hollywood-West Hollywood area.

Also, symbolically, it’s time to get back to work here in Hollywoodland. Enough play. I’ve been trying to keep up with a rigorous writing schedule, but it’s been going in fits and starts. This week, I’m hoping to finally finish this new draft of a pilot script that’s been in the works for a while now. Hopefully I’ll wrap it up this week.

In other news, I took part in a panel discussion at NBC this past Monday about the “Grimm” episode where I shadowed in December. It’s airing this Friday March 7, and the storyline features a myth from the Philippines and Filipino characters, which was really cool. The storyline heavily involves “Sgt. Wu” (Reggie Lee), one of the stars of the show who is Filipino-American. They had a screening for Comcast NBC Universal employees who are part of an Asian American alliance group and I answered questions, along with one of the guest stars, a Filipino-American staff writer and the NBC executive who oversees the show. It was fun – the best part was that I finally got to see the version of the episode with the full visual effects.

The creature in this episode is called an “aswang.” I won’t spoil how it preys or what it does (that Wikipedia link will) for those of you among my four readers who are interested in watching. But it’s really creepy and the episode will be especially unnerving for pregnant women. Yes, that’s intended to be a disclaimer. Check it out on Friday!

Okay, there’s my brief update before I dip back into storymaking.


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