A couple of weeks have passed since I updated this here site. Not because I was incredibly productive by any means. Though I did manage to finish a draft of the pilot I was working on, as mentioned in my previous post – thank goodness. I really was wrestling to get it wrapped up, and I’m looking forward to starting a new script very soon.

I was gone because Valarie and I took about ten days away from communication technology as a sort of vacation to celebrate our ten years of being together. It was a great experiment, but had really nothing to do with work except for doing a lot of reading, contemplating, and recharging of the batteries – which is super critical, of course.

Now that we’re settled back here in Movietown, I did rediscover something I really love doing that helps me creatively, and I realize that I might be unique. And that is basketball. Not watching March Madness (though my alma mater has been playing well fingers crossed), and not necessarily actually playing games, but simply shooting hoops. There’s a beautifully maintained but mostly vacant (at least at 7am it has been) court near our place and I’ve been able to get myself up and out of bed several times to shoot hoops for a little less than an hour.

For some reason, shooting baskets is meditative for me. Others probably do yoga or go jogging or actually meditate, but shooting around does it for me. And, it’s not bad that this court has the Pacific in view just beyond the backboard. That helps.

Okay, back to writing and by that I mean of course watching basketball and then writing later.


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