The Peacock

Wow, just barely did get this one blog in before the month of May concluded. As previously mentioned, it’s difficult to update the blog when I’m only writing. But now I don’t have an excuse because I’ve been doing slightly more than writing. Basically I’m saying that I’m just really bad at updating this thing.

NBCA few weeks ago, I was asked by the good people at NBC’s Diversity Initiatives, the same good people who run the Directing Fellowship of which I was recently a part, if I’d be interested in directing a few scenes for their up-coming Comedy Showcase. The Comedy Showcase is an on-stage show of about nine scenes, two actors per scene, that are sort of like little short comedy sketches.

Sounded like fun, so I agreed to do it, mostly for the chance to work with some good actors and writers. (The show is June 12 and only for film and TV industry people, otherwise I’d post about how to get tickets and the like.) I’m directing three scenes. All of them are funny and have great up-and-coming actors with good comedic skills. We also get to work with an artistic director, Felicia Henderson, an accomplished writer, show-runner and producer. She’s like a teacher who we report to and show how well we’ve been doing our homework.

In other NBC news, I just got booked onĀ “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” to direct my first episode of network television. Please don’t let the lack of exclamation points suggest that I’m anything other than insane with excitement. As you know, my five readers, that I shadowed on “SVU” on Season 14, so it’s going to be an incredible amount fun joining that great crew and legendary cast in Season 16. The episode works in January – this time of the year television makes their writer and director hires for the up-coming season, which is why I know so far in advance.

Over the years, I’ve been very close to getting an episode of TV to direct, starting back in 2008. So it’s been a long road. But getting the episode is only one part of the journey – I have to actually direct it and not screw up horribly. So let me quote one of my favorite “Simpsons” lines I invoke when about to start a project: “Remove the stone of shame! Attach the stone of triumph!” Simpsons-Stone-of-Triumph1(Side note: It is hilarious to read “Simpsons” episodes described in Wikipedia.)

So a pretty eventful May. More details going forward. But for now – back to directing these scenes and working on my script.