Here We Go

A brief post here because I have to get up before dawn for a very early crew call tomorrow morning.

Last week I finished up prep for this episode of Law & Order: SVU. I wish I could go into detail, but I can’t because a lot of things happened and I didn’t have time during the week to update as I was going along. Suffice it to say it was incredibly fun and a lot of work with very talented people.

For my own prep, I’ve done overhead diagrams and shotlists for most of the script and have read and re-read the script over and over. Most importantly, I believe I’ve completely consumed the story and understand it from the inside out. Usually I direct projects that I have written, so when it’s someone else’s words, I have to make them my own.

Thankfully, Samantha Corbin-Miller, Julie Martin and Warren Leight have written a great script – it’s now my job to bring it to life.

Of course you know, my five readers, that this is my episodic network TV directing debut. It would be a lie to say that I’m not at least a little bit nervous. I think I’d have to be crazy not to be.

But when I think about how much fun it is to direct, to work with a dedicated crew and cast, and how grateful I am to have a shot to play on this field – a lot of those nerves fall away.

On set, after the lights are in place and the actors are at their marks and everything is ready to go, the First Assistant Director yells “Okay, here we go!” before the director yells action. It’s that time.

Here we go.


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