SVU Shoot Day 4

Shoot Day 4, cryptic recap here. Slightly less cryptic because I’m writing this the following morning.

We filmed all day in the courtroom – the same courtroom from the original Law & Order. I came in early to do my own prep, and a set painter was there doing touch ups on the floor. He told me it’s the original, probably 25 years old, so this is how they keep it fresh.

When the crew saw on the schedule that we were in the courtroom all day, they groaned and wished me luck. Not because the room is difficult to shoot in, but because it usually requires a lot of angles to make sure you film the lawyers, the person on the stand, the judge, the gallery, the jury and other details.

But on the other hand, there are not a lot of different or new ways to shoot the courtroom. After doing it yesterday, I see that it’s not so bad – it just takes time. We finished the day more or less on time and got some good stuff. And I still haven’t been fired.

More than half way through! One more day and then we get the weekend to catch up on life management and prepare for the downhill run of the three days next week.


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