SVU Shoot Day 5

This exercise in recapping each day of production is actually turning out to be worthwhile. Each day sort of blurs together after the fact, so it’s nice to have a place where I can at least recap what happened in a general way.

Yesterday was Friday, the end of the work week so everyone was eager to get the day under our belts and go home. We had another long day in the courtroom with two very key scenes, both pivotal in the episode. We also had to film one shot of Hoda Kotb, morning television personality, for a reprise of a her role playing herself. (She also sort of leaked the premise of our episode.)

Two straight days of filming in the courtroom was tedious, as everyone warned it would be. But still it was fun. The actors and the guest actors are so good, so professional. I’m grateful – there’s enough to worry about, directing episodic TV for the first time. It’s nice that the actors are the least of my worries.

So now it’s the weekend and I’m doing my best to let my brain reset and prepare for the final three days. I’ve done most of my prep for what remains, so it’s just a matter of gearing back up on Monday and finish up strong. Three of SVU‘s  main actors return to New York on Monday after spending most of the week in Chicago on the crossover episode with Chicago P.D. It will be good to have them back.


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