SVU Shoot Day 7

Penultimate Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Episode 8 shoot day recap coming up here.

Today was the longest day so far. I thought it would be going into it. We had a big couple of scenes in the courtroom, an added little bit at the beginning of the day, and two toddlers on set. Turns out the toddlers were the easiest part.

But the courtroom required a lot of coverage, somehow more so than a usual courtroom, with some action in the gallery. It took far longer than we all hoped it would, and I tried to figure out if there was a way that I could’ve saved time with different blocking. The conclusion we came to is that it was a big scene and it ended up just taking longer than we planned.

Consequently, a little bit of a scene we had planned for Day 8 that was moved to Day 7 is now back on Day 8 as originally planned. Does that makes sense? Ah, it doesn’t matter. Tomorrow is the final day! A critical emotional scene, the final scene of the episode, is up tomorrow as well as some squadroom scenes.

Oh, an additional bit I learned: Michael Green, the Director of Photography on the show, was the focus puller (First Assistant Camera) on Tootsie, which has, in my opinion, one of the greatest shots in movie history (it’s about 36 seconds into this trailer – I couldn’t find it online.) The shot appears in every Oscar season montage. I bring this up because the shot required a 1000mm lens set up across the street and absolute precise focus adjustment without the aid of a monitor assist like they have now.

It’s been fun working with greats. Final day recap tomorrow.


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