SVU Shoot Day 8 and Post

I’m four days late on posting about Day 8 of the SVU shoot – but with the wrap, travel back to LA, and now a quick turnaround in post forced me into postponing the final day’s recap. Sorry, five readers!

Day 8 was great. And not just because that rhymes. We shot two scenes in the Rotunda, which is the hallway outside the courthouse, two scenes in the sqaudroom and also one final thing in the courthouse – all of our detectives’ reactions to all the courtroom scenes they were supposed to be in when we filmed the courtroom last week (they were all in Chicago shooting the Chicago PD scenes.) Ah, the magic of cinema (television).

The day was a lot of fun and I had two scenes that were done in a “one-er” – a scene that was shot in one continuous shot. One of the one-ers was pretty straightforward, just a walk-and-talk down a hallway. The other was a little more clever so I’m quite proud of that and glad we pulled it off.

Then, late in the day, the writer Samantha Corbin-Miller and I treated the crew to ice cream, so that was fun. We then wrapped up in the squadroom, and got to say nice things to people and some crew and cast had nice things to say to me, so that too was fun.

It’s bittersweet wrapping up the show. Of course, I was quite drained from the focus and alertness (and nerves) associated with directing, I was starting to feel sad about leaving the cast, crew, and producers. Halfway through the day, scripts for the next episode (which the crew continues on to the next day) were being handed out. I couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed that I wouldn’t be a part of it. But, of course, the show must go on.

Celebrity Sightings In Los Angeles - October 30, 2014
Meagan Good with some guy who doesn’t understand why there are cameras all around.

So I packed up that night and in the morning got on a plane back home (on a flight with our guest star Meagan Good, and when we landed there were paparazzi – this is one of the photos – it was weird).

It was an incredible month in New York, and when the episode comes out I’ll go into more detail about what went into the episode, especially if I can figure out a way to embed individual scenes.

And then Saturday night I watched the editor’s cut. It was really amazing to see scenes that were shot two or three days earlier that were already put together. Sunday I went in for my one (1) day of editing for the director’s cut. Usually, the director gets three or four days in TV post, but I was given an accelerated post schedule for a variety of reasons. So I gave editor Karen Stern my notes, watched her enact some of them, and then gave her others to work on later.

Now, I wait to see what happens with the producers’ cut (I get to be involved in that and still submit notes since my own edit period was so short) and by the end of the week the picture will be locked. The speed of network TV production is amazing.

More updates to come soon. But for now, I deal with fatigue and overwhelming gratitude.


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