Air Date = Today

This past week I’ve been shamelessly telling people about the episode, getting them to tune in. I don’t feel so bad about doing it in a blog that has the sole purpose of telling people what I’m up to.

So, to refresh your memory, five readers: Wednesday November 19 9pm Eastern/Pacific, 8pm Central on NBC my TV directing debut is “Spousal Privilege” – Episode 8, Season 16 of the legendary Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

The last few days have been kind of great, with lots of people saying nice things about me and about the episode. Turns out, the crossover event the week before mind was a ratings hit for both SVU and Chicago P.DHere’s hoping it will continue on into this week.

We did our part – hopefully that’ll drive numbers up by about a few dozen people. In the meantime, since this is Air Date Day, here’s a photo. Will report back after the show goes live on the West Coast, my five readers.

Mariska and me on set, possibly getting in the way of camera operator John Herron trying to do actual work in the courtroom.

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