Day Zero, The Second Time

By virtue of recent life events (i.e. new human arrival), a quick scroll down this here modest blog makes it appear as if I just recently left New York and wrapped up directing my first Law & Order: SVU episode, went home for the airing, and came back right away.

And while it sort of feels like that – in part because of the space-time vortex mentioned in a previous post – it’s been just a shade under three months.

Here are important differences: 1. It is freezing in New York.

Visual approximation of me in New York right now.

That’s basically it. Though I haven’t started work yet so the differences will continue. But I’m going to try to do a day-by-day recap like I did last time, at least while I’m in production.

I’m incredibly grateful to have been asked back this season and to try a new script and some new ideas and to work with a new writer. (Though, my script is written by Ed Zuckerman who is anything other than a new writer.) So it’s going to be fun again, regardless of the weather, for this SVU #2.

They say the sequel is never as good as the original, with rare exceptions. So I hope I can follow up my television directing debut with a solid second showing. What I mean is that I’m hoping to pull of at least a Back to the Future Part II, if not The Godfather: Part II or The Empire Strikes Back. Just not a Jaws 2.


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