Snow Day

Actually, I'd venture that few people in the Northeast are this happy right now.
Snow day!

I haven’t had a snow day in probably 25 years! But I have one now, as do pretty much everyone in New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, etc. That includes us at Law & Order: SVU. So, five days into prep on my episode, everything comes to a halt.

Not that kind of tandem.
Not that kind of tandem.

Prep has been smooth thus far. The enhanced challenge of this episode was the fact that it is paired with another SVU episode shooting at the same time – known as a “tandem.” During tandems, they split up the crew into two units and the actors have to bounce between two episodes. It’s an incredible feat of scheduling between the two units and their more than capable assistant directors and producers. Not to mention the writers who will often modify scenes for location ease or actor availability if requested by an AD or producer.

Could be worse. We could be in the yellow.

So the Snowpocalypse-induced schedule change would be tough enough for just one episode. Now, the delicately woven tapestry between the two simultaneously filming episodes has unraveled and the diligent and resilient production team at SVU will have to weave it all over again, and quickly – we’re back on Wednesday (for now).

So make that two enhanced challenges for this second time on the show. I’m just happy to be here.

Anyway, the day off gives me a chance to continue my own prep work in anticipation for beginning the shoot on Friday. We have a great guest cast and script, which I’ll discuss when it’s appropriate to do so.

But for now, I go out and build a snowman.


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