Going Again

Well, five readers, Day 1 is about to begin. Early morning pick up will come get me and take me out to the location. We have an ambitious and long day planned, including an added challenge of perhaps dealing with the elements.

I’m going to try to give day-by-day recaps like I did last time, possibly in haiku form again. This time around, I’m probably less anxious than before but still there are nerves. I guess that helps prove that I’m alive and human.

And, like last time, I’m incredibly grateful for being given the chance to play with great actors and a great crew. It’s fun coming back to a place where they are happy to see you. Don’t get me wrong, it’s going to be a lot of work – but also a lot of fun. As I wrote last time I was about to start, the assistant director yells, “Here we go,” which is informal code for everyone to get ready because the camera is about to start rolling.

After the director yells cut and if he or she wants to take the shot again, they yell “going again” to everyone knows to get ready for another one.

So here we go – going again!


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