SVU2 Day 1

Here goes, another round of short recaps of our shooting days, just like I did in October for my first Law & Order: SVU episode.

Friday was Day 1, and it was scheduled to be a very long day on location about an hour away from the city. The day included a scene with eight people speaking. The amount of people in a scene and how many people speak directly correlates to how long a scene will take, so this scene took up a large portion of our day.

That, and a morning exterior which ended up becoming an interior looking out due to snowfall. Which is one thing I generally don’t have to worry about when shooting in Los Angeles. But storywise, we were able to capture the exact same thing we were going for, even though we had to alter it slightly. (I’d go in to more detail but I don’t think I can just yet.)

After shooting for about fourteen hours on Friday, we wrapped for the weekend. The other half of the tandem production worked on Saturday – we’re doing the same next Saturday.

This shoot has already been challenging and different in a number of ways. First, because of the tandem, there have been script changes made to accommodate location specifics and actor sharing between the two units. There are some scenes still to be shot in my episode that might change by the time we get there. Also, some scenes are being elongated to enhance character and story.

And another interesting thing is that due to circumstances beyond my involvement, the previous episode that just wrapped is having a scene added to it – and that’s being shot with the same crew as mine on Monday. Which just means that tomorrow I have a half day of work instead of a full one.

These are all new things and I’m having fun rolling with the punches as best I can. Of course, they’re counting on me keeping everything uniform on the screen. Doing my best. More to come after tomorrow.


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