SVU2 Day 3

Day 3 of this Law & Order: Special Victims Unit shoot went relatively smoothly. We were in the courtroom all day more or less, and as described in a post from my previous episode, courtroom is fun to do but it becomes tedious. The key to survival is enduring the tedium.

We had to “shoot out” an actor – meaning, get all his coverage first – in order to send him to the other production who needed him for a full day. He was in three scenes reacting to what was going on in the courtroom, and then he took off. We had a “double” sitting in his spot for the rest of the day, but we didn’t really see that corner (by design) so it was all okay.

During the day, an additional scene was added because our script was timed out to be a little short for broadcast. To be safe, the writer came to us in the morning and asked what scenes/actors/days are available to add another scene given the tight schedule and sharing of cast between two units. He went back with that information and wrote a new scene – which we will be shooting tomorrow morning! It’s a factory, this television business.

Anyway, tomorrow has that scene in a filled and very intense morning, followed by a less intense but complicated scene in the second half of the day. More to report tomorrow.


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