SVU2 Day 5

Today’s work was slightly more typical than the previous. We were in the courtroom for most of the day. The major excitement came when showrunner Warren Leight came on the set with the other producers and gathered everyone together to announce SVU was renewed for a 17th season.

It was really wonderful – Warren praised the crew, the cast, the writers and the network for keeping the show invigorated and thriving. Mariska Hargitay said some really moving things about the hardworking team that keeps the show going – which has really been evident during this tandem production time. So glad I could be there to witness this.

By luck, I happened to be shadowing a few years ago when the show found out they were renewed for a 15th season. I’d say I’m a good luck charm but I’ve been on a lot of shows that were cancelled, including a couple that were canceled after producers told me they would try to get me an episode to direct if they were renewed. So I’m not – just have good timing in this case.

Anyway, it was a great little break in the work day and we wrapped up our courtroom work for the episode. On location tomorrow, including shooting in below-freezing weather. Yikes. But the show must go on!


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