SVU2 Day 7

(My apologies – I was so tired after Friday’s shoot that I mislabeled it as “Day 7” when in fact it was Day 6. This is an update about Day 7, for real.)

A rare Saturday of work and back on the stages after a long and difficult day on location. Everyone was a little tired, but hung in there. We filmed some scenes in the squad room aka SVU for what was a much more sane day of filming, thankfully. Nothing terribly complex – a scene that will appear in the teaser, another that will end an act, and another that will be begin an act.

Also, my parents came to visit me at work for the first time, so that was fun. The crew and cast were very sweet to them.

One day off, then one full day back on location on Monday. Tuesday there are just a few extra scenes we need to mop up on Tuesday and that’s it – light at the end of the tunnel.


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