SVU2 Day 8

I’ve been informed that we might be up to eight readers now. Welcome!

Today was Day 8, which would usually be the final day but I’m doing a half-day for Day 9 tomorrow – three scenes left over due faux-blizzard/issues unrelated to my episode.

Today we shot in the Bronx and the first scene was an exterior and, of course, ice pellets were raining down upon us. Every single day we filmed outside this episode we had to deal with the elements. It was uncanny.

The day went smoothly with no problems to speak of. Except that we had a last minute casting change because an actor we cast had bronchitis and we were suddenly forced to hire someone else for the part. Luckily, she was also a good actor and it worked out fine.

Today was also the end of the tandem, so a lot of the crew I had worked with during my episode are no longer going to be with me. It’s back to the main unit, who I love of course, but it’s bittersweet losing some of the folks I’ve spent the last two or three weeks with.

The show must go on. Three final scenes tomorrow and it’s on to post production!


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