Now What?

Well, that was fun.

Last week, the second Law & Order: Special Victims Unit I directed aired as you know, my eight readers.

This time, while the East Coast broadcast went live, I spent that hour on Twitter watching the SVU writers and cast live tweet. It was amazing, in part that they, along with the #SVUDieHards out there, got #rectalprobeelectroejaculation trending, as well as #VarnishedEel. (Those two things make sense if you actually saw the episode.)

Anyway, yeah, that was pretty fun. Especially since I wasn’t actually watching the show, but I was “watching” people reacting to certain scenes as the hour went along. It was fascinating.

So now what? No episode on the horizon (though some are in the works, nothing officially booked yet) and only the vast expanse of the 2015 calendar ahead.

Well, it’s back to what I do in between actual assignments – writing. I have a feature script that is almost ready to show people after one small round of revisions. And another script with a partner that needs a rewrite as well.

We also have our Story of a Girl: India short project “Born Positive” that is still in post production 15 months or so later. Partially because we’re out of money and are considering a small crowd funding campaign.

And this weekend, I’m going to be on a panel at the Directors Guild talking about directing fellowships after my experience with NBC, ABC and Sony‘s.

So I guess that’s now what. Onward!